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Unified Process for EDUcation: Readings

Here are useful readings about the UPEDU:

Software Engineering with the UPEDU  Top of page

An overview of the Software Engineering Process - with the UPEDU book chapters is presented here. While the UPEDU remains a tool, the book itself presents more information on the Team, the Process Assessment and Improvement, the Software Process Measurement and the Process Engineering Metamodel aspects. The book also introduces you to the Software Engineering process by giving you A Five Day Software Development Project, an overview of Software Process and Software Lifecycle and information on Models and Tools.


Best Practices

Best practices are those that have been tested over time, in real software development organizations. UPEDU is a process that addresses the software development lifecycle. It focuses on best practices that have evolved on thousands of projects. The best practices presented in UPEDU cover the iterative developement ideology, the requirements management, the model visuality, the quality verification and the change management.


White Papers  Top of page

Learn more about the Unified Process for EDUcation and technology strategies with the UPEDU whitepapers. These papers cover many different aspects such as: ISO compatibility, Project Management, Requiremenst and Use-Cases, Unified Modeling Language, eXtreme Programming.


Glossary  Top of page

The UPEDU's glossary contains all software processing specific words definitions.