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[SEARCH.IT]: Starts the UPEDU search engine applet.
[FEEDBACK]: Depending which UPEDU webpage you are viewing, the feedback option allows you to send via email a feedback report regarding that that webpage (Comments, Errors, Defects, etc..).
[HELP.PAGE]: Redirects you to this page.
[SITE.MAP]: Very useful link map. All UPEDU main sections are listed with their related main links.
[HOME.PAGE]: Redirects you to UPEDU Home page.

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[OVERVIEW]: UPEDU Introduction and overview links such as Lifecycle, Concepts, Guidelines and About the UPEDU.
[DISCIPLINES]: Quick access to UPEDU disciplines overview and specific disiciplines pages.
[ROLE SET]: Quick access to all UPEDU roles and their related activities.
[ARTIFACT SETS]: Quick access to all UPEDU artifact sets ordered by disciplines.
[UPEDU TEMPLATES]: Access to all of the Software Development Templates related to the Artifacts.
[REFERENCES]: Quick links to UPEDU references: Best Practices, UML stereotypes, White papers, Glossary, Bibliography and The Book Chapters (From Learning Software Engineering with the UPEDU).
[TOOLS]: Helpful list of tools.

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