Unified Process for EDUcation: Disciplines

Introduction to Disciplines

A discipline shows all activities you may go through to produce a particular set of artifacts. We describe these disciplines at an overview level—a summary of all roles, activities, and artifacts that are involved. We also show, at a more detailed level, how roles collaborate, and how they use and produce artifacts. The steps at this detailed level are called "workflow details".

Descriptions of Disciplines

Each discipline is described as follows:

Purpose of the discipline and relationships to other disciplines.

Key concepts that are important in order to understand the discipline.

A typical sequence of events when conducting the flow of work, expressed in terms of workflow details. A workflow detail is a grouping of activities that are done "together", presented with input and resulting artifacts.

The activities and roles in the discipline.

The artifacts that are produced in this discipline, and the roles that are responsible.

More detailed explanations on how to use and produce the artifacts of the process.