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The purpose of this discipline detail is to implement (record, generate, or program) the test procedures that were defined in Design Test. The output artifact is a computer readable version of the test procedure, referred to as a test script. The generation of test scripts can be done within the context of test automation tools or programming environments. 

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The test designer uses the test model, and may additionally use the implemented components, to implement the tests. The test designer also works closely with the Designer and Implementer to ensure that test-specific functions (stubs, drivers, etc.), elements that are not the focus of test, but which the target-of-test interacts with, are being implemented and tested.

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Test scripts may be produced using several techniques, including:

  • Recording - using a record / playback tool to capture (record) the interaction with the target-of-test and the results of executing the target-of-test.
  • Programming - using a development environment to program the necessary steps for executing and capturing the results of executing the target-of-test.
  • Automated Generation - using a test generation tool to generate test scripts without any user intervention (except set-up and launch of generation).