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The purpose of this workflow detail is to:

  • Align the project team in their understanding of the system.
  • Perform a high-level analysis on the results of collecting stakeholder requests.
  • Refine the Vision to include the features to include in the system, along with appropriate attributes.
  • Refine the use-case model, to include outlined use cases.
  • More formally document the results in models and documents.

Problem Analysis and activities for Understanding The Problem create early iterations of key system definitions, including the features defined in the Vision document, a first outline to the use-case model and the Requirements Attributes. In Defining the System you will focus on identifying actors and use cases more completely, and expand the global non-functional requirements as defined in the Supplementary Specifications.

Typically, this is primarily performed in iterations during the inception and elaboration phases, however it may be revisited as needed when managing scope and responding to changing requirements, as well as other changing conditions.

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All members of the project team should participate.

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The following are sample techniques that can be applied:

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