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This workflow detail captures the daily, continuing, work of the Project Manager, covering:

  • dealing with change requests that have been sanctioned by the Change Control Manager, and scheduling these for the current or future iterations;
  • continuously monitoring the project in terms of active risks and objective measurements of progress and quality;

How to Staff To  top of page

The Project Manager needs a mix of organizational, planning, communication, time management, triage, and analytic skills for this part of the discipline.

Work Guidelines To  top of page

The Project Manager should put in place mechanisms to automate, as far as possible, the collection and reduction of information (metrics, for example) about the project. Time should be spent in analyzing trends, not in collection and calculation. The Project Manager's role is then to implement the suggested solution which may give rise to a secondary problem, say, lack of resources, which does have to be solved by the Project Manager. The Project Manager puts in place the infrastructure and resources to implement the solutions.