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The purpose of this discipline detail is to:

  • Plan which components should be implemented, and the order in which the components should be integrated in the current iteration.

How to Staff To top of page

Integration is typically carried out by a single person (for a small project on which the build process in simple) or a small team (for a large project on which the build process is complex). The integrators need experience in software build management, configuration management, and experience in the programming language in which the components to be integrated are written. Because integration often involves a high degree of automation, expertise in operating system shell or scripting languages and tools like 'make' (on Unix) is also essential.

Work Guidelines To top of page

Planning the integration process should be done early, at least in rough form, when the architecture is baselined. As the architecture and design evolve, the integration plan should be examined and updated to ensure that the build plan does not become obsolete by changes in the architecture or the design.