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The purpose of this workflow detail is to describe:

  • How any role can create a workspace, access project artifacts, make changes to those artifacts, deliver the changes for inclusion in the overall product, and then be able to view the newly enhanced product.
  • The Integrator, from the integration workspace, needs to be able to build the product, create baselines and make the baselines available to the rest of the development team.

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"Any Role" represents any Unified Process for EDUcation (UPEDU) Role, from the sets of roles (Analysts, Developers, Testing Professionals, Managers, or Additional Roles), that is part of the project team, and may want to make changes to a UPEDU Artifact (Configuration Item).

The Integrator (as described in other Workflow Details) needs to be sure that artifacts delivered from the developer workspaces are sufficiently tested such that they can be incorporated into a testable build. The Integrator needs to be familiar with Project CM Policies and Test Practices.