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Test Plan
The definition of the goals and objectives of testing within the scope of the iteration (or project), the items being targeted, the approach to be taken, the resources required and the deliverables to be produced.
Role: Tester 
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The Word template can be bought through a template package. Case studies and reports are freely available in the table below.


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The purpose of the test plan is to communicate the intent of the testing activities. The following people use the test plan:

  • The End User Representative to verify that the appropriate test strategies are recommended, reflecting the use of the system or application as it is intended to be used
  • The Customer and Stakeholder to verify that the requirements for test are acceptable and prioritized appropriately. Additionally, the customer should verify the test strategy and test coverage.
  • The System Integrator and Implementer to verify that the requirements for test and test strategy are consistent with the implementation and development plans.
  • The Test Designer as input to the test design activity.

Timing To top of page

An initial Test Plan, typically referred to as the "Master" Test Plan, may be created during the Inception phase. This instance of the Test Plan provides an overview of the test effort over the life of the project, providing foresight into when resources will be required and when important quality dimensions and risks will be addressed.

As each iteration is planned, one or more specific "Iteration" Test Plans are created providing specific information focused on the iteration.

Responsibility To top of page

A Tester is responsible for the integrity of the Test Plan, ensuring that:

  • The Test Plan accurately reflects the contents of the iteration.
  • The Test Plan contains the appropriate content and detail necessary to meet or achieve certification or approval.

The Test Designer uses the contents of the Test Plan to produce the following related artifact:

Tailoring To top of page

The Test Plan (contents and format) may require modification to meet the needs of internal or external standards, guidelines, or oversight. Start with the Test Plan template included with the UPEDU and add, modify, or remove content as needed.

The "Master Test Plan," created at the outset of the project may only provide an overview of the total test effort planned. The test plans created during each iteration should contain more precise information related to the specific requirements for test, test strategies, resources, etc. that relate to the specified iteration.