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Measurement Plan

Defines the measurement goals, the associated metrics, and the primitive metrics to be collected in the project to monitor its progress.
Role: Project Manager
Guidelines: Guidelines: Metrics

Input to Activities: Output from Activities:

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The Word template can be bought through a template package. Case studies and reports are freely available in the table below.


Purpose To top of page

The software Measurement Plan specifies what primitive metrics should be collected and what metrics should be computed during the project to monitor progress, relative to a set of specified project goals (see Concepts: Metrics).

Timing To top of page

The Measurement Plan is done once per development cycle, in the Inception phase, as part of the general planning activity, or sometimes as part of the configuration of the process in the Development Case. The Measurement Plan may be revisited like any other section of the Software Development Plan during the course of the project.

Responsibility To top of page

The Project Manager is responsible for the integrity of the Measurement Plan, ensuring that:

  • the goals are relevant to the project.
  • the primitive metrics can all be collected at minimal overhead and, if possible, using tools.

The Measurement Plan is a part of the more general Artifact: Software Development Plan.

Tailoring To top of page

The Measurement Plan may physically be part of the Software Development Plan if the metrics program is a simple one.