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Software Engineering with the UPEDU


Pierre N. Robillard, Montreal Polytechnique
Philippe Kruchten, Rational Corporation
with, Patrick d'Astous, Montreal Polytechnique

Publisher: Addison Wesley
Copyright: 2004

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  • The only textbook that presents the basics of process, rather than using a specific process.

  • Contains an ongoing Case Study based on the Unified Process for Education, derived from the Rational Unified Process 2000.

  • Written by an author team with expertise in teaching process to students, and one of the lead architects of the Rational Unified Process.

  • Contains extensive illustrations, exercises, and suggested readings.

  • Includes robust Website with all deliverables/artifacts developed while creating the case study, powerpoints of all figures in the book, full text of selected further readings for each chapter, links to Software Engineering news sites, chapter by chapter information on commercial tools, industry standards, etc.