Milestone: Initial Operational Capability

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At the Initial Operational Capability Milestone, the product is ready to be handed over to the Transition Team. All functionality has been developed and all alpha testing (if any) has been completed. In addition to the software, a user manual has been developed, and there is a description of the current release.

Evaluation Criteria

The evaluation criteria for the construction phase involve the answers to these questions:

  • Is this product release stable and mature enough to be deployed in the user community?
  • Are all the stakeholders ready for the transition into the user community?
  • Are actual resource expenditures versus planned still acceptable?

Transition may have to be postponed by one release if the project fails to reach this milestone.


Essential Artifacts (in order of importance) State at milestone
“The System” The executable system itself, ready to begin “beta” testing.
Implementation Model (and all constituent artifacts, including Components) Expanded from that created during the elaboration phase; all components created by the end of the construction phase.
Iteration Plan Iteration plan for the transition phase completed and reviewed.
Design Model (and all constituent artifacts) Updated with new design elements identified during the completion of all requirements.
Optional Artifacts State at milestone
Supplementary Specifications Updated with new requirements (if any) discovered during the construction phase.
Use-Case Model (Actors, Use Cases) Updated with new use cases (if any) discovered during the construction phase.