Checkpoints: Test Plan

Artifacts > Test Artifact Set > Test Plan > Checkpoints

    • The test plan clearly identifies the scope of the test effort, by stating the following:
      • stages and types of test to be implemented and executed
      • target-of-test features or functions to be tested / not tested (if appropriate)
      • any assumptions, risks, or contingencies which may affect or impact the test effort
    • The test plan clearly identifies the artifacts (and version) used to generate the contents of the test plan.
    • Each project requirement (as stated in use cases or the supplemental specifications) has at least one associated requirement for test or a statement justifying why it is not a requirement for test.
    • All the requirements for test have been identified and prioritized for each of the different types of tests to be implemented and executed.
    • A clear and concise test strategy is documented for each type of test to be implemented and executed. For each test strategy, has the following information been clearly stated:
      • the name of the test and its objective
      • a description of how the test will be implemented and executed
      • a description of the metrics, measurement methods, and criteria to be used evaluate the quality of the target-of-test and completion of the test
    • All the resources needed to successfully implement and execute testing have been identified, including hardware, software, and personnel.
    • The test plan contains a schedule or list of milestones identifying the major project and test related activities (start and end dates, and / or effort).
    • The test plan identifies the artifacts created by the test activities, when the artifacts are made available, how they will be distributed, their content, and how they should be used.