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The Word template can be bought through a template package. Case studies and reports are freely available in the table below.



The Test Evaluation Report collects, organizes, and presents the Test Results and key measures of test to enable objective quality evaluation and assessment. The Test Evaluation Report also presents an interim evaluation from the test team, indicating their assessment of the software against the Evaluation Mission and corresponding recommendations the next test efforts required.


There are no UML representations for this artifact or its properties.

Property Name

Brief Description

Evaluation Report ID An unique ID used to identify this Test Evaluation Report report.
Description A short description of the contents of the Test Evaluation Report, typically giving some high-level indication of complexity and scope.
Key Findings An explanation of the key findings of this Test Evaluation Report.
Coverage Analysis An analysis of the extent or amount of testing that has been performed.


One or more Test Evaluation Summaries are created during each test cycle. These activities may occur several times during an iteration.


The Tester role is primarily responsible for this artifact. Those responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing the Test Results, change request statistics, and coverage statistics.
  • Reviewing important Change Request and Issue details.
  • Presenting an accurate and fair assessment of the software based on the defined Evaluation Mission.


The level of formality and presentation format for this artifact varies. Some produce simple text document reports whereas others produce full-fledged presentations. Both formats may be useful to emphasize certain critical test cycles and de-emphasize others.