Artifact: Test Case

The Word template can be bought through a template package. Case studies and reports are freely available in the table below.



The purpose of the Test Case is to identify and communicate the conditions which will be implemented in test and are necessary to verify successful and acceptable implementation of the product requirements (use cases, performance characteristics, etc.). Test cases reflect one measure of test coverage, requirements-based test coverage, in that each test case traces back to at least one requirement for test – which reflect the product requirements.

The following roles use the Test Case:

  • The Test Designer to identify test procedures and test scripts.
  • The Designer as input to design.
  • The Implementer as input for implementing components and test functionality.

Brief Outline

1. Test Case Description

A description of the condition, program path, or objective that this set of data implements / executes.

2. Test Inputs

The objects or fields the actor interacts with and the specific data values entered (or object states created) by the actor when executing this test case.

3. Expected Results

The resulting state or data received upon completion of executing this test case.


The initial Test Cases are identified during the test design activity in Elaboration as soon as there are some use cases or scenarios defined. The Test Cases are refined throughout the remainder of the lifecycle during each iteration.


A Tester is responsible for the integrity of the Test Cases, ensuring that:

  • The Test Cases accurately reflects the contents of the iteration.
  • The Test Cases contain the appropriate content and detail necessary to create a condition execute the test case, and evaluate its execution.
  • Each Test Case is traced back to at least one requirement for test.
  • Sufficient Test Cases have been identified to verify satisfactory achievement of the product requirements.

The Tester uses the contents of the Test Model to produce the following related artifacts:


The Test Cases (contents and format) may require modification to meet the needs of internal or external standards, guidelines, or overviews.