References > White Papers > Applying Requirements Management with Use Cases

by Roger Oberg, Leslee Probasco, and Maria Ericsson. ęCopyright 2000 by Rational Software Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Technical Paper TP505 (Version 1.4)

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Whether you are new to or somewhat familiar with requirements management and are interested in requirements process improvement, this paper offers a framework with which to develop your own approach.

The need to manage requirements is not new. If your projects are not regularly satisfying customers, meeting deadlines, and staying within budget, you have reason to reconsider your development approach. In doing so, if you determine that requirements-related problems are undermining your development efforts, you have reason to consider better requirements-management practices.

The requirements management practices summarized in this paper embody the collective experience of thousands and are the well-considered opinions of a number of individuals who have spent years working with customers in the field of requirements management. We suggest that this overview of their contributions-and the more thorough presentation of them made in the RUP-represent a best practice in requirements management.