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At the end of the inception phase is the first major project milestone or Lifecycle Objectives Milestone. At this point, you examine the lifecycle objectives of the project, and decide either to proceed with the project or to cancel it.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Stakeholder concurrence on scope definition and cost/schedule estimates
  • Agreement that the right set of requirements have been captured and that there is a shared understanding of these requirements.
  • Agreement that the cost/schedule estimates, priorities, risks, and development process are appropriate.
  • All risks have been identified and a mitigation strategy exists for each.

The project may be aborted or considerably re-thought if it fails to reach this milestone.


Essential Artifacts (in order of importance)

State at milestone

Vision The project's core requirements, key features, and main constraints are documented.
Risk List Initial project risks identified.
Iteration Plan Iteration plan for first Elaboration iteration completed and reviewed.
Glossary Important terms defined; glossary reviewed.
Use-Case Model (Actors, Use Cases) Important actors and use cases identified and flows of events outlined for only the most critical use cases.
Project Repository, Change Request The Configuration Management environment should be set up.