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Purpose To top of page

The purpose of this workflow detail is to:

  • Review the architecture elements and the design as it evolves
  • Verify satisfaction of requirements
  • Identify reuse opportunities

How to Staff To top of page

The reviews are carried out by a small team staffed by cross-functional team members. Issues that are typically architecturally significant include performance, scaling, process and thread synchronization, and distribution.

The team ensures that persistent classes are identified and that these classes utilize the persistence mechanisms in an appropriate manner. Members need to understand the persistent classes in the design model and so must have a working understanding of object-oriented design techniques.

Work Guidelines To top of page

The team should conduct a few rounds of internal walkthroughs to clean up unnecessary inconsistencies before their work is more formally inspected and reviewed by the extended team. You should divide the material up so that the team does not review everything at once.