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  • To ensure that all developed artifacts are captured and archived, at given points in time, as a basis for further product development.
Input Artifacts: Resulting Artifacts:
Frequency: On-going
Role: Integrator

Workflow Details:

Good candidates for a baseline are the sets of files and directories under version control that are developed, integrated and released together. A baseline identifies one and only one version of a element.

Composite baselines are groupings of baselines delivered by teams working on separate subsystems of the overall project. In the event that multiple teams each deliver a baseline.

Part of the iterative development methodology is to constantly build an executable product. A baseline should be seen as the moving front of development which contains the necessary artifacts for subsequent development. So baselines should be created at the end of each iteration.

Project baselining practices are followed in accordance with the configuration identification, baselining and archiving step defined in the CM Plan.