The Unified Process for EDUcation, or UPEDU, is a web-enabled set of software engineering best practices that provide you with guidance to streamline your team's development activities. UPEDU has been customized from the RUP - an industry-wide process platform - for the educational environment.

The Unified Process for EDUcation unifies the software development team and enhances team communication. Using online browser navigation, each team member has instant access to UPEDU's knowledge base and process guidelines from their desktop. The knowledge base further unifies the team by identifying and assigning responsibilities, artifacts, and tasks so each member of the team understands his contribution to the project. Many artifacts are derived from a project case study and are used as examples or templates.

The software development templates section gives access to all the templates needed in a software development process. Academic users have free access to case study filled out templates. Academics and professionals can download customizable templates sets.

The tool section provides an overview of selected tools for each of the software process disciplines.

Start your session with an Overview of the process and learn about the dimensions of the UPEDU.

An educative process modeling tool called "ProcessEdit" is NOW available. Click on the "Process Modeler" menu in the left-hand bar to learn more about it and download the latest version.


The UPEDU can be used, replicated and adapted by educational institutions, but the intellectual property/processes contained herein remain the copyrights of École Polytechnique de Montréal. This work and any derivative work cannot be sold for a profit: The intended purpose of the UPEDU is strictly for educational purpose and not for software production.

Under no circumstances shall this product be made available through a third party external web site; this product shall also not be made available through a third party internal web site in such a way that makes it available to more than the number of authorized users.


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